What is everyone saying about the new Joker movie?

Joker is the Batman villain and the new Joker movie is the story of Joker’s origin. Joaquin Phoenix plays the Joker, and the movie is the kind that might finally get the actor an Oscar.

Critics have presented the new Joker movie as incel-friendly and dangerous. For movies, it is often believed that the notion of bad publicity is nonexistent. The Joker movie however is testing how far the cliché can extend.

The Joker is essentially a classic villain from the Batman movies. The movie is being talked about at a significant scale. Pieces have been written in favor of it and some against as well.

A few laud Phoenix’s role worthy of an Oscar. Others slam the movie as being irresponsible. The Warner Bros. CEO has also come up with a statement which specifies that the movie does not endorse real world violence in any way.

80 years have now passed since the Joker has been a part of the popular culture. He has managed to create a close connection with his viewers, time and again, without a fail.

What essentially makes the Joker is his target audience, or the people to whom he actually appeals to. All that the Joker stands for is a part of his personality. The Joker has been a highly discussed subject in the media. Each of the actors who have played the Joker has a lot to tell.

The movie’s premier has been successful. It received the top award at the Venice film festival. The reviews have been exceedingly positive. But the movie has been at the receiving end of some criticism as well.

Todd Philips is the co-writer and the director of the movie. He has the opinion that people must go ahead and watch the movie, and then derive a conclusion. Philips has also expressed that a large number of pieces have been written about the movie. In the same, authors have expressed far light to be far left, whenever it meets their agenda. This has been a disappointing experience for him.

A section of the movie is very close to a comic book representation, but still induces thought among viewers.

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