Jaucquin Phoenix and the mental health of actors – what can we do to ensure up and coming actors stay emotionally healthy?

Todd Philips movie Joker had been riddled by controversies. But it is finally here. Fans can go catch the movie, derive their own judgements and figure out their take on it.

One of the points for consideration is how Joaquin Phoenix matches up with the stars that had played The Joker in the past. Other primary points of consideration are how the themes portrayed in the movie touch upon the modern society. Does the violence and mental illness shown in the movie move the audiences?

Mark Hamill had been a voice actor for The Joker in earlier versions. He has expressed that the new movie is a redefinition of the comic book versions that prevailed earlier. He likes the movie in its essence.

Joker actors have expressed unprecedented support to each other on a number of occasions.

The Joker is essentially the story of Arthur Fleck who lives in Gotham City and is a failed comedian. Upon being disregarded from the society, The Joker turns violent and becomes a villain. Robert De Nero and Brett Cullen are some other stars from the movie.

A prominent point of discussion bought to the fore from the movie is how the mentally ill people are treated. The movie brings to fore a realistic and sad image of how people perceive the people who are mentally ill.

It is awkward and uncomfortable, and definitely happens all around us. The violence in the movie overshadows the issues related with mental illness that the movie has portrayed.

Over time, the lead character tries to make sense from the world, attempting to figure out why he is treated with such disdain. The only joy in life that the Joker has is watching the late night talk show starring Murray Franklin, played by Robert De Niro. The Joker movie shows the protagonist find abandonment, abuse and humiliation in the world.

The protagonist goes ahead with counselling sessions. But as he is unable to express his negative thoughts in entirety, even his counsellor abandons him and he is left alone in the world. He is not able to receive his medication as well.

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